Friday, September 16, 2011

Mass Media, Friday 9/16

Hi Everyone,

In class today, group A from 1st and 4th hour listened to a soundclip from NPR discussing Media Consumption, in particular how it relates to online vs printed news. We jotted some one-word notes down, and created a "Wordle" image. (This site would work really well for a discussion topic in one of your other classes!)Embedded below are the wordle images, as well as the NPR soundclip. This is not an assignment, but I will be posting what we do each Friday for those of you who were gone and would like to see what we did in class. Have a great weekend!

Hour 1:
Wordle: Mass Media week 2: NPR soundclip, "Talk of the Nation"
Hour 2:
Wordle: mass media hour 4

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